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  • At SL Printing, we have over 20 years of experience in this industry; I have honed my expertise in materials, machines, and their optimal applications. By establishing my own company, I aim to provide a one-stop solution, streamlining the process for people like you. As a dedicated graphic designer, you can trust that you are in capable hands.

  • You know where to find me. Whether it’s through my Instagram, and WhatsApp, or by visiting my public and transparent profile, I am easily accessible to assist you. No need to go elsewhere—I am right here, dedicated to providing a personalized and welcoming experience. As a small company, I prioritize quality and expertise, ensuring that you receive the utmost care and attention.

  • Let’s talk about my equipment, as it holds great importance to me. In the past, I had experienced subpar results with unbranded machines. However, I have since upgraded to top-of-the-line equipment that ensures exceptional final outcomes. My printer of choice is the HP Latex 335, known for its eco-friendly water-based technology. Its vibrant colours are built to last for years, whether displayed indoors, outdoors, under the rain or in the sunshine. When it comes to laser printing, I rely on the trusted Xerox brand. Additionally, I have a GCC laser and plotter cutter—reliable tools perfectly suited for the job. Alongside these, I also possess a laminator, guillotine, CNC machine, and, most importantly, an unwavering passion for my craft.

  • Do you have any questions? Just ask! Don’t be shy—I’m here to help, and I promise I won’t bite. You may have noticed a small green icon on your screen—it’s my WhatsApp contact. With just a click, you can reach out to me directly for any inquiries you may have. Remember, it’s always better to ask before making judgments or decisions. I’m here to provide the information and assistance you need.

  • And lastly, if you’re not satisfied with your product, no worries at all! Simply send it back to me. There won’t be any hassles or questions. The only cost you’ll need to cover is the return shipping. You have a generous 30-day window to initiate the return. However, I kindly request that you carefully read the product descriptions before placing your order.

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